Connecting the Party Through a Portal
About Our Portals

The WaterWolf team is passionate about bringing virtual spaces to life. We collaborate with event hosts to offer Virtual Reality portals connecting the virtual world with in-person events.

If you're looking to host a VR portal at your event, let our skilled team of professionals build a powerful, custom experience. With our low-latency streaming technology and one-to-one recreations of event venues inside VRChat, our experiences are compelling for people on both sides of the portal, allowing your event to reach thousands of individuals who might not have had the opportunity to participate otherwise.

Our team has hosted, or will host, portals at the following events:

  • Everfree Northwest 2023
  • Anthro Northwest 2024

We also bring VR avatars to life with talented on-site VR dancers. Our team is volunteering, or has volunteered, at these events:

  • Furry Weekend Atlanta 2023
  • Everfree Northwest 2023
  • Anthrocon 2023
  • Biggest Little Fur Con 2023
  • Anthro Northwest 2024