We are WaterWolf - The Open-Source MakerSpace of VRCHAT

How Do I Join?

Joining WaterWolf is quick easy and without obligation. Just join the discord and come hang out with us!

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What is WaterWolf?

WaterWolf is a community in VRChat focused on building, exploring and promoting immersive and enjoyable worlds.

The WaterWolf community is active in many aspects of the VRChat world. Our skilled world and avatar builders excel at creating the worlds, avatars, assets and technologies that power some of the best VRChat experiences. Our community also explores the wider world of VRChat, visiting and curating particularly interesting places.

WaterWolf offers a wide range of adventures to anyone who joins our community. Whether you're making new friends, networking with talented world builders, or grooving to the beat at one of our events, you're sure to find adventure and friendship as part of the WaterWolf family.

Dive into WaterWolf Adventures!

Ever dreamt of unparalleled adventures in VR? Welcome to WaterWolf. A mosaic of diversity & creativity, this VRChat haven offers escapades that defy the ordinary.

Seeking memories that last? Craving resonating experiences? WaterWolf beckons. By hitting the donate button, you're not just supporting - you're joining a story. A chapter waiting to be written.

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