The WaterWolf Poster Network

The WaterWolf poster network allows you to easily upload and manage posters that are in a uniform size and format and can be used in VRChat worlds, promotional materials, and more.

Using the Poster Network

Loading a Random Poster

If you want to load a completely random poster from the uploaded collection, load the base URL with no query parameters:

Loading a Specific Poster by ID

You can reference a specific poster by adding its ID:

Filtering by Group

Posters can be uploaded for, and managed by, specific groups. You can filter posters by which group owns it:

These groups are available:

  • eufuria: EUFuria
  • iwait: i.W.a.I.T.
  • neweden: New Eden
  • virtualfurmix: Virtual FurMix
  • waterwolf: WaterWolf

Filtering by Poster Type

You can limit your selection to specific types of posters:

These types are available:

  • advert: Advertisements
  • dj: DJ Poster
  • event: Events
  • meme: Memes
  • photography: Photography

Filtering by Collection

Posters can optionally be part of a "collection" to make them easy to reference in your worlds:

More than one poster be in a collection; the poster that appears will be shuffled between them. Collections aren't unique to groups, but you can chain filters (see below) to select only posters owned by a group with a given collection.

Chaining Filters

You can combine the queries above to narrow your filter, for example, to only show posters that meet multiple criteria: