Apartment 76

by Auzlex

An adapted Mirror's Edge Apartment - Interior Scene from Sketchfab by Aurélien Martel‚ complimented with ambience‚ passing by vehicles‚ Avatar LTCGI by _pi_‚ AudioLink․ This scene has been adapted for the Radiant Nexus world building project․ Apartment 76 is a concept⁄mock-up world for one of many to come in the sky city of solaria on the planet arcturus․ There is nothing here but ambience‚ so relax the nexus sovereign turns a blind eye to the under-city․ ∗updated videoplayer from 1․0․21 -≻ 1․0․32‚ fixed ltcgi lighting issues on pc world variant‚ regenerated network ids‚ added new playlist called LTCGI test‚ further reduce the volume of the gateway by 50%‚ main directional light now has softshadows∗


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